Ethical Investment Bonds

There are several ways in which you can invest in ethical funds though an investment bond. Many onshore and offshore investment bond providers offer access to ethical investment funds. Often these funds are externally managed, so it may not be the investment bond provider who is managing the fund. For example, the Jupiter Ecology fund is accessible via six onshore investment bond providers - Aviva, Axa Wealth, Friends Life, Legal & General, Skandia and Zurich Life. You can also access the Jupiter Ecology fund via eight offshore investment bond providers- Axa Wealth, Canada Life, Friends Provident International, Legal & General, Prudential International, Royal London, Royal Skandia and Standard Life International.

Some investment bond providers only have access to one ethical fund- the Healthy Investment Friendly Society runs an ethical with profits investment bond. This may be suitable for a more cautious investor since the with profits fund is likely to be less volatile over the longer term in comparison to a medium risk unit linked fund where the value of the fund reflects the value of the underlying assets.

Buying ethical investment bonds

We have produced a website which allows you to purchase onshore and offshore investment bonds at preferential rates. You can buy a bond with or without advice- subject to the requirements of the investment bond provider. If you require advice as to which funds meet your ethical criteria, we would be only too happy to assist you in deciding the most suitable asset allocation.

Our ethical fund filter allows you to screen out companies who are not commensurate with your ethical convictions to produce a range of ethical funds to choose from. You can then check the availability of these funds by referencing our onshore ethical investment bond and offshore ethical investment bond tables showing you which investment bond providers give you access to ethical investment funds.

Most ethical unit trusts, OEICs or insurance funds can be accessed from within either an onshore or offshore investment bond. For ethical investors wishing to spread their risk amoungst several ethical funds, key to deciding the most suitable investment bond provider will be the range of ethical funds available. To find out more about investment bonds visit our website, the investment bond shop.